Oh what if I can get ..... 1
Oh what if I can get …..
25 September, 2020
Why a book? 2
Why a book?
13 October, 2020
Oh what if I can get ..... 4
Oh what if I can get …..
25 September, 2020
Why a book? 5
Why a book?
13 October, 2020

Thoughts today and memories from the past.

In the mid 80's came the 3.5 "floppy disk and in the mid 90's came the CD and then also the DVDs.
Today, many people have not used a floppy disk and perhaps most have stopped using DVDs
to save files on, do you have your important files on a USB maybe, or do you have external hard drives?
We were in an old monastery and there was a library.
Books that were from the 14th century, ie 600 years old and you can open and read No problem.
So how should we store all our precious memories?


A great place , with lots of history and memories.
An important place for our history and knowledge, Bibles, science, legal books, etc.
A breathtaking thought that you can take a book and read it from the shelf, (if you know the language). While today I can no longer read floppy disk or CDs / DVDs in my latest laptop.


Floppy disk nothing but a memory.


Can you play a DVD in your laptop?


Store memories in the best way let your photographer create fantastic photo books, a photo book will always be there and will always work.


Fantastic books on bookshelves, several hundred years old a breathtaking thought, how are my memories preserved in the future.


A German Bible from the 16th century.


This book is from the 17th century.


Fantastiska böcker, hylla efter hylla på två våningar.

What is the best way to save memories? Do you remember the floppy disk? Do you have a laptop, if, does it have a CD player?

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