Tips In Choosing the Perfect Make-up Artist for Your Big Day. 2
Tips In Choosing the Perfect Make-up Artist for Your Big Day.
7 October, 2022
We photographed with I'm Back 3
We photographed with I’m Back
27 January, 2023
Photo art on your favorite artists, on your wall.

At Marias Of Swedens webshop you can shop your dream image.


Maria is crazy about capturing concerts / artists.
I (Magnus) have taken some pictures and know that it is far from easy.
When you see Maria Of Sweden's pictures, you are really impressed.
How does Mary do? Honestly, I don't know!
But she does it so incredibly well and it's not just a picture of an artist, it's pictures with feeling and mood.
You can almost hear the artist and feel the audience.

Imagine sitting on your sofa and having for example Tomas Andersson Wij
on a big beautiful picture in a frame on the wall and the music on, then I think you are transported in a magical way into the sea of audience.
What a feeling!


So many great photos! I sat down and chose 4 from each artist.
Then I created this book of 150 pages.
Click on auto flip and let the book flip itself, sit back and enjoy.
And if you want a picture go to Marias Of Sweden.
/ Magnus

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