30 October, 2020

Have you signed a contract?

We have been able to take part in a photographer’s contract for wedding photography. Writing a contract is an important thing in planning for your wedding.
13 October, 2020

We landing at a wedding.

2020 when love defeated Covid and the bride and groom had to think extra hard to only invite up to 50 people. and photographers got to think about their own health / safety in a […]
13 October, 2020

Why a book?

Why spend money on a book after a photo shoot, let’s show with two movies when Cohlin looks in his book. Then you will understand why!
28 September, 2020

Well saved memories

What is the best way to save memories? Do you remember the floppy disk? Do you have a laptop, if, does it have a CD player?
25 September, 2020

Oh what if I can get …..

What is your customers’ dream to have on the wall? Wedding pictures, Children, Grandchildren, or what do they dream of? A dream on the wall can be realized in many ways.
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