They were married on the beach – then a tandem bike to the fantastic Rönnå barn.

Fantastic memories from Stallgården in books from Photoever 2
Fantastic memories from Stallgården in books from Photoever
4 November, 2021
Ukraina 3
21 March, 2022

Wedding party at Rönnå barn.

Rönnås barn is located just outside Varberg - Sweden.

Johanna & Simon Wedding in a fantastically nice environment, romantic,rustic, yes many are the descriptions we have heard about our farm.
The courtyard that is perfect for mingling, bubbling and welcome music,
the party barn where dinner is taken and then scorched into a dance hall.
Here Johanna and Simon chose to have their wedding party atRönnås barn which is located just outside Varberg.

They got married down on the beach and then rode back on a tandem bike to the yard.
Johanna and Simon are a fantastically beautiful couple and very lovely.
We at Studiomix like when people are involved in various antics during photography.
We often come up with different ideas over time when photographing.

The book they chose, they themselves have had to choose their pictures, which our customers can do, they are the ones who will have the book as a memory then.
We create it according to your wishes and then they can choose the color.
In this case, they chose to have a picture on the front with plexiglass and then a case to protect the book.

We really like the books from Photoever, mwe get good service and help if we need it and they are fast.

Johanna and Simon are very happy with their book and like the quality of the book and believe that it should last the rest of their lives.

/Jörgen and Boel Lund

Nyfiken på Rönnås Lada? Så ljuvlig miljö för både bröllop och fest.

We at Photoever

We want to thank StudioMix for this contribution and we know that more will come soon!
StudioMix one of our most loyal customers,
and who has delivered many photo books to happy bridal couples who can look back on their magical day.
No matter where you live, Studiomix is at your service, but do not wait to book them as they write,
2022 will be a year when many will get married because they have been waiting to have the wedding when they can invite all their loved ones.

Follow StudioMix where they are and where it suits you best.


Wedding party at Rönnås barn, coming soon on the blog.

Wedding party at Rönnå barn.


Fuglie outside Vellinge, Sweden, will soon be on the blog.

Weddings at Stallgården.

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Here Johanna and Simon chose to have their wedding party. – Rönnås barn which is located just outside Varberg.


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