We will help you with your dream album.

As more and more people contact us, we have decided to help.
But they have to go through a photographer, we have started a collaboration with Karim as a designer. Wideangle Media Production
Karim speaks Swedish, English or French, you choose.
We do not sell to private persons therefore, you must go through a photographer with tax number.

You deliver print ready files ..

Our designer need.
1: Your files in the highest resolution possible. *
2: The files should be ready to print and preferably be in the same color profile.
3: You send them through the web to the designer using, for example Sprend.com
4: Count on 2.5 images on average in each spread (double pages).
5: If there are 21 spreads or more, we give you 250 SEK off the designer's price.
- If the book is at least a 25x25 cm.

Our designer has the programs.

Once the designer has received your files, he makes a design, which he then shows with a link online, where you have the opportunity to look and leave opinions.
It is free to make changes once, then it costs about 250 SEK each time.
You don't need your own software the designer has what is needed and know how.

The basic choice is a Standard Book.

We start from a Standard Book with linen outside.
There are many colors to choose from, you will surely find a favorite.
Our choice of paper is a semi-matte paper with texture.
We also start from a book in the size 25x25 cm with 21 spreads / 42 pages.
Want a book with Fine Art paper ?
Check with our designers about price.

The photographer will show you the design.

When the photographer has designed your book, you will receive an email
and a link where you can look and comment.
It is free to make changes once since it costs about 250 SEK each time.

What does the book cost?

The basic price is: 2775 Sek
Photographer's time: 1 hour approx 900 Sek
Shipping: 250 Sek
Total 3925 Sek
Discount: 250 Sek which gives the total price 3675 Sek

We also recommend that you order a case that costs only 375 Sek
in connection with your order.
To keep the fine book in one case is a safe storage.

Free flipbook <3


Name with laser 200 Sek, color = no choice
UV 225 Sek, Color = white - brown - black
Stamp 450 Sek, Color silver - gold - none (just pressed)
If you want a different material than linen, there are many options
such as artificial leather, genuine leather, exclusive leather, plexi, metal, wood etc.
these materials cost from 20% more with the designer.


The largest image file possible is a JPG weighing at least about 25 megabytes,
For a color image that covers a half page, the black and white is about 9 megabytes.
Measured in cm one side, 25.4x25.4 cm is a spread 50.8x25.4 cm and should be in the resolution 300 pixels.
This means that the spreads must have a pixel size of 3000 x 6000 with 300 dpi.
Here we want to take the opportunity to say that it is you who delivers the pictures that stand for the quality.
It is not possible to make a complaint on a delivered book, because of image quality.

Haven't you married yet?

Then we want to recommend you to hire a photographer it is good in many ways.
In addition to getting the wedding book cheaper, you will have the best possible quality.
Here on the site we have made it easy for you to find your photographer and plan along with them about how you want to do with your images and products.

How do I contact?

If you are interested, you can contact us or Karim directly.
Do you have questions, ideas or suggestions or just want to give us advice,
we would love to hear from you! Please email us at coffee-table.books@photoever.se

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