Tips In Choosing the Perfect Make-up Artist for Your Big Day.

Morning Gift - Boudoir Photo Book 1
Morning Gift – Boudoir Photo Book
21 September, 2022
Rock images from Marias Of Sweden 2
Rock images from Marias Of Sweden
4 January, 2023
Morning Gift - Boudoir Photo Book 4
Morning Gift – Boudoir Photo Book
21 September, 2022
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Rock images from Marias Of Sweden
4 January, 2023

Tips In Choosing the Perfect Make-up Artist for Your Big Day!

Some event planning experts say that choosing your make-up artist is almost as important as choosing what you will wear in any special event.
This may be true because after all, the make-up artist you will choose will be in charge of how you will look at your event.
Given this, you’ll want a make-up artist who can deliver and make you look your absolute best.

If you’re planning a wedding, your professional wedding photographers will thank you if you get a professional make-up artist. Why?
Because the
perfect make-up artist will glam you up, make you camera-ready and looking your best from every angle.

Looking for some tips in choosing the perfect make-up artist for your events?
It’s essential to have a working shortlist, and below are five of the things you should look into when doing your research:

  1. Work & Portfolio

Professional make-up artists have portfolios and collections of the work they have done previously.
These can be housed in their website, in their social media pages or printed in their studio/shop.
In your search, make sure to look into these collections and see if it matches your style,
the theme of your event and overall look and feel you’re hoping for.

Most often than not, these portfolios are diverse and will give you a good glimpse on the kind of work a make-up artist can do.
Are you impressed with the styles and quality of the work you’re seeing? Does it match the theme of your event?
These are types of questions you can answer when reviewing their work.

  1. Professional Experience & Training

What separates a professional make-up artist from a hobbyist is the experience and training.
A professional make-up artist has years of experience doing the work and has invested in professional training
to improve their skills and update their library of techniques.

In addition, professional make-up artists will know how to handle last minute situations
because they were able to deal with these kinds of concerns before.
They will have a Plan B and Plan C in their back pocket, and you never even have to be stressed.

  1. Reviews

In a world where client reviews on the internet can make or break a brand, it is very easy to find what previous clients say about a make-up artist.
These reviews are the windows with which you will be able to see how a make-up artist works with actual people.
Scour the internet for reviews, both positive and negative to help you decide.

If possible and you know anyone who has actually worked with the make-up artist/s on your shortlist,
talk to them and ask them about their experiences and what happened during the time they worked together.

In my countless years of experience as a make-up artist, I revel and take pride in all of the amazing reviews my clients leave after our time together.
It makes me want to continue this amazing work and enjoy the transformations I create. You can look at my
client reviews here.

  1. Package & Services

From the perspective of budget and also of overall convenience,
it is very important to consider the package and services offered by a make-up artist.
How much is the overall package? Does it fit your budget? What are the inclusions in the package?
Are there any add-ons you should know about?
Does the cost include transportation, food, 2nd look, retouch, etc?

If you’re planning a big event such as a wedding, can the make-up artist handle a large party?
How much is the additional cost for last-minute additions/changes?

You would want to take care of these questions as they are very important if you want to avoid surprise cost changes
and unwanted stress during the planning stage, and the day of the event itself.

  1. Rapport & Connection

This is perhaps one of the biggest considerations in getting the perfect make-up artist for you.
It is important that you set up a meeting with them and really talk to them about what you need and what you intend to happen,
and if they can meet your specifications.

Ask yourself, how do you feel when you talk to them? Do you feel comfortable enough to say what you want?
Are they gracious enough to want to meet you halfway on items that you don’t agree on? Are they open to your ideas and suggestions?

If you build rapport and connection with your chosen make-up artist early on,
chances are that you’ll have a great working relationship all the way through.
Trust your gut and your instinct. What do they tell you?

Choosing a make-up artist for your event is important so you shouldn’t rush making it.
Take your time to really look at all options and consider different scenarios.
At the very end, what’s important is what you feel and who your heart feels most comfortable working with.

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