We have birthday

Photoever turns 10

Which we will celebrate in different ways from 22 / 2-2019
Photograph yourself at your photographer and get pictures for your help!

Props when photographing from VaniMeli.

Props when photographing from VaniMeli.

Where With your photographer, you will find your photographer on our site.
When Book time with your photographer as soon as possible, no later than July.
How Your photographer applies to us to buy the prop from us at half price.
Do you want to buy your own products and bring along?.
Who This offer applies if the child being photographed is up to 7 years. happy with any adult!
Picture as compensation. It's your photographer that determines whether Cohen wants to be part of this offer, and what you get as compensation after shooting.
We recommend a 13x18cm picture worth around 300Sek.
Use agreements. The pictures are then shared online after photography.
Find your photographer! Find your county, isn't your photographer there? Ask the photographer to find us!
Where is VaniMeli? Visit the page if you want to buy yourself, without discount.
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