Front possibilities

Your name or monogram

There are three methods - Laser - UV - Stamp.
The covers are covered with different materials, which gives different conditions for the method we can offer.
Almost all books that are ordered are also personalized on the front page.
Which method is chosen is a matter of taste and dependence on materials.

Ceo Izabela Norberg :


Laser is the most popular and cheapest method, this method means that you use a laser to burn in the text or monogram.
This means that there is no choice of color, the color depends on the base of the material.
On the right side of the linen samples on this link you see examples of what it might look like.


UV is a technique where you write the text with a special printer and color After the text / monogram is in place, it is illuminated with UV light
It is basically the same technique used when the dentist fixes teeth This method costs more and also has a different pricing when it comes to size.
Therefore, it is very rare that we make this method larger than 15x15 cm - the standard is 4x6 cm.


Getting the text with a stamp costs the most, since you first have to make a cliche. The cost of the cliche depends on the size,
standard price 450: - which is then 4.8 x 7.8 cm.
Anything above that size we provide cost suggestions on. you can get stamped without or with foil. Gold, Silver, Brown.
One advantage of stamping is that it only costs a little extra to get the case stamped with the same stamp.