For you as photographer, this info is to you

On this page, you as a photographer the opportunity to be seen

For years we have built the page in HTML, and now we have taken one step
into WordPress and received help from Karim Kerrou / Wideangle Media Production
who has a solid education in building websites.
Due to Covid-19, we do not charge a fee for being on the site.
And during the autumn of 2020, everyone will receive an email to update their info and some tips.

From now on, you who have a registered company will have the opportunity to join completely free of charge..
If your company works with photography and or movies of Children, Families, Confirmations, Students, Weddings, Events, etc.
You should be active and have a website and preferably Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. which we link to on this page.

Sign up it's free!

Thanks to all our advertisers, we can now offer to join for free.

You will be visible in different ways on the page, on a map, regionally with image and short presentation, searchable on the page's search function,
and when registering as a new photographer / videographer.

With your help and Karim's help, we will continuously work with SEO.
Seo is important and the information we need from you should be prepared to be easily applied to our site.
internets love links and most if you get backlinks, so we will have badgets that you can put on your side.
We also have some hashtag's that we want you to use #findyourphotographer #photoever #experiencephotographer ...........

We will also give you the opportunity to blog on this site's blog.
Our goal is that you want to join us and that you can afford it, we have a generous pricing.
Photographers who are in the current state of 2018-09-17 remain.
Photographers who want to join, pay 1000 Sek for the first year and 500 Sek for the second, from year three it's free.
You who order something from us during the first year do not pay the next year.

By joining us, you will also get SEO tips and good advice through us and Karim Kerrou.
On Facebook, we have a closed group for support, questions and ideas related to this page.

By joining the page, you also accept GDPR.

Check your image and your links!
Also check that you are in and in the right region!
You will now be able to link to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Home page

Sometimes you move, rename or have a new website address.
We can not keep up to date so everything is updated,
so please email to
We have staff that fix this at no cost.
You will now be able to link to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Homepage
Below the image you have the option of at least 150 characters..
Be smart all words become searchable now on the page you are a videographer maybe you should write it.
Do you have a specialty? what makes you unique? And where do you live.

Important! this update info we want to-

Looking for a photographer? - Who are we? - Contribution to the blog - Badgets.
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