Fantastic memories from Stallgården in books from Photoever

2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix 2
2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix
28 October, 2021
They were married on the beach - then a tandem bike to the fantastic Rönnå barn. 3
They were married on the beach – then a tandem bike to the fantastic Rönnå barn.
8 November, 2021

Weddings at Stallgården.

The farm is located in Skåne's beautiful cornfield in Fuglie
outside Vellinge and was built in 1870.

Stallgården consists of a large dwelling house, a stable, a huge barn, a wonderfully cozy garden
and is surrounded by large fine green meadows and fields.
When we first set foot in the nice house we were greeted by the farm's charming soul and spirit - with carpets
in different colors and tiles in pink and green.
With its generous 150 sqm in the ballroom, this room offers 150 seated guests,
a stage where the music can be created and a fantastic floor to dance on!
We want to highlight the stable's fantastic character, with high ceilings,
its incredible floors and together with the windows' beautiful light input create a unique room with unbeatable atmosphere.

We at Studiomix is one of their partners and we get many weddings booked here.
We like Stallgården because it is so cozy and they have a lot of space, nice places for photos.
We have also been as trade fair exhibitors here and then we took the opportunity to make a photo book only with photos taken at Stallgården
and there are very many who think it is very nice.

It is good quality in all books we order fromPhotoever and customers are very happy with it.
You have great opportunities to order different kinds of shades, fabric, leather, etc.
Just on the book to Stallgården we chose to take Linen color B025 Yuta dark as it was best suited for the theme just stable,
and then we have written with UV in brown title on the book.

When CEO Pernilla saw the book, she was very happy and satisfied, it was absolutely perfect with the thick pages and the quality of the book.

/Jörgen and Boel Lund

Curious about Stallgården? Here you will find a lot of inspiration and pictures.

We at Photoever

We want to thank StudioMix for this contribution and we know that more will come soon!
StudioMix one of our most loyal customers,
and who has delivered many photo books to happy bridal couples who can look back on their magical day.
No matter where you live, Studiomix is at your service, but do not wait to book them as they write,
2022 will be a year when many will get married because they have been waiting to have the wedding when they can invite all their loved ones.

Follow StudioMix where they are and where it suits you best.


Wedding party at Rönnås barn, coming soon on the blog.

Wedding party at Rönnå barn.


Fuglie outside Vellinge, Sweden, now on the blog.

Weddings at Stallgården.

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