Well saved memories 2
Well saved memories
28 September, 2020
We landing at a wedding. 3
We landing at a wedding.
13 October, 2020

Memories are just as important when we are small!

We usually say that time goes by so fast and that is true.
But it's the same no matter how old we are, and how to remember when you get lots
with impressions and lots of things to learn all the time?
Of course we think PICTURES and pictures in a book are a great way, always works and everything is in place.
Fotografen i Bengtsfors has given us two films where you get happy about the importance these books can give!

So take a look and rejoice with us photographer, grandmother child and his parents and more!

Ps / you do not need what they say in the movie you hear the joy.

Why spend money on a book after a photo shoot, let’s show with two movies when Cohlin looks in his book.
Then you will understand why!

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