Coffee-table books

Dear children have many names
Lay Flat books - Wedding books - Photo albums - Coffee-table book, yes there are many names.
All of our books are on the floor except for Storrybook..
We want to believe all the good moments start with books, the finest books, with photographs from your photographer.
Books from Photoever always make a big impression, Coffee-table books with a wide range of models.
Everyone who reads a Coffee-table book will inevitably spend hours watching the wonderful photos!
We have divided our different models into six groups:
1 - Books with covers these can be with and without padding and covered with Leather, Leatherette, Linen, Knitwear.
2 - Books that have wooden covers that can be betrayed in several shades, the back is in dark leather.
3 - Metal covers we print the image directly on the metal, which giving an exclusivity.
4 - Plexi on the front of the book, it can be transparent and have a picture behind or frosted so that you look at the first page.
5 - We can also print a picture for part or all of the cover that is then laminated and mounted on the book, giving a personal touch.
6 - Florence, a series of models in which the material of the covers and the spine is shared.
We also want to say a few words about size, when you are at the photographer then choose a good size that everyone can see in even mother and grandparents with a little bad vision.
And keep in mind that a little less with bigger pictures will be invaluable gifts and Christmas presents.
To marry you, look at a 25x35 cm standing or lying or 30x30 cm, you're just married once.
So put a penny on an amazing book with pictures from your day.
A photo book that you will enjoy and future generations.

You can also choose paper quality in the books, you can have "plain" photo paper, soft velvet * and fine art * paper, which you can compare with watercolor paper, which also conveys a feeling and a life.
(These fine paper are treated with wax to last for generations.)
* Velvet is a velvety matte chemical-induced paper / Fine paper can be compared to watercolor paper.

Covers with different materials

You can choose to have padding on covers or not. The attached models are available with and without padding Your photographer can certainly show the difference.
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Trä pärmar

Popular and popular, these covers are made of laserised wood, with a thickness of 6-7 mm, and with different finishes, models with images printed on metal, aluminum with windows for the image, and wooden ribs.
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Metall Pärmar

These modes have a front of genuine 4 mm anodized aluminum with different surfaces. Back and back of leather, artificial leather, linen, canvas or knitwear. Read About

Plexi Pärmar

With a plexiglass face of 5 mm thick.
The front is available in different designs and two surfaces: a transparent and a frosted.
Back and back of leather, artificial leather, linen, canvas or knitwear. Read About

Picture on covers

These models have pictures on both covers or on one cover. Could it be more personal? Together with your photographer, you design a unique book. Read about


Florence is a French series of models.
The covers are provided with exclusive leather and the leather on front and back folded back just before the back.
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