Golden memories 2
Golden memories
19 August, 2020
When I grow up then ...... 3
When I grow up then ……
17 September, 2020

It is now free to join this page!

You might think we'm out cycling? Who wants to work for free?You might think we'm out cycling? Who wants to work for free? (or do you say "have the head in the clouds" in English?)
Magnus wants! Who is then Magnus? Magnus is the one who has worked side by side with photographers for over 26 years.
He created this page to help photographers stand out and give their customers knowledge about the products they offer.
For example, you can read here about books, canvas, wallart, pictures of tempered glass and much more.
Which is your favorite on the bookshelf or on the wall?

How come Magnus does this for free for photographers? And what does he offer photographers?

Well, there are several things like a place on the page in their country, on a Google map, place of offer and now the latest can
all photographers create an ad and we also create a presentation page.

But do you think, how is it possible financially? Is that Magnus rich as a troll?
The answer is that now we have many advertisers on the site who generate money but above all traffic!
So when you are going to shop online, look at the bottom of the page if we have the company you are going to shop from, you are with
to support us as we then get a small commission on your purchase. So no we are not out cycling but we have found a new way.

Here we have just some of all the advertisers on the page do you want to join? At the bottom of the page you will find links to all advertisers.

Advertisement for

Advertisement for Bagaren och Kocken

Advertisement for

This is what it looks like on our site when you have found your photographer
If you look at a computer, you see several at once, right now there are 9 photographers in Dalarna on our page.
We have a map if you want to see where the nearest photographer is
Click on a camera and get more information
Advertise for free with Photoever if you are a photographer
Create an ad and we will create a presentation page for you

Blog with us! write about you and your tell about products etc.

How to find and contact a photographer near you.
Do you know a photographer who does not exist help us to tell that we exist.

Do you think it’s hard and the way forward is just going up?
We do what we can to make it easier, it costs you no money but you have to take some time.

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