Tempered glass for picture 1
Tempered glass for picture
30 July, 2020
Out and cycling? 2
Out and cycling?
16 September, 2020
Tempered glass for picture 4
Tempered glass for picture
30 July, 2020
Out and cycling? 5
Out and cycling?
16 September, 2020

Memories are GOLD.

At Felicia in Dalarna, you know what it means to have memories as a picture.
Not just a file that you can look at for a short while and then disappear, no it should be possible to hold on
memories with your hands, it's GOLD!
Hanging a picture on the wall means you love someone and do not want to forget.
It can be a picture in a frame wallart, canvas plexi or glass.

Sometimes when GOLD moments are extra important such as at various holidays, baptisms, confirmations, student engagements,
wedding or pregnancy photography, there will be many pictures and you want them "all" ask when the photographer makes a book!
The books that photographers order are absolutely fantastic and cannot be bought as a private person.

You are probably many who have had the distance to loved ones this strange year, then you know what we are talking about.
And then comes today's tips Book a photographer to create lasting memories!
It's two or three, it's Christmas and then, if not otherwise, just a picture or a book is so fantastic to both give and receive.

Better than GOLD!

This is what it looks like on our site when you find your photographer
If you look at a computer, you see several at once, right now there are 9 photographers in Dalarna on our site.
We have a map if you want to see where the nearest photographer is
Click on a camera and get more information

We love helping this is one way! YOU are included, right?
Here, customers find photographers, and everyone knows what products are available.

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