Out and cycling? 1
Out and cycling?
16 September, 2020
Oh what if I can get ..... 2
Oh what if I can get …..
25 September, 2020
Out and cycling? 4
Out and cycling?
16 September, 2020
Oh what if I can get ..... 5
Oh what if I can get …..
25 September, 2020

Today we thank Fotografen i Bengtsfors for nice pictures.

At the photographer in Bengtsfors, they have an offer where you get a file if you help with some pictures
when holding a product that is available for purchase after a photo shoot.
We will see more pictures soon from this photo shoot.
A little about their offer can be read on the tab "See what photographers offer"

Books are great preservers of memory, and something that will always work.
This photography was actually a christening photography, but of course big sisters can join
and get their own pictures we have created a slide show that they have already seen and here is mom's comment.

Hey! Thank you for the beautiful slideshow and what amazing pictures 😍 
If I choose to buy some pictures now, can I also buy more pictures afterwards?
Sincerely, Linda.
And the answer is that the files can be saved for at least two yearsFotografen i Bengtsfors.



Hi this is a fantastic book with linen exterior and with text on the front written with laser.


A fantastic book with text on the front written by laser.


Keep it safe a card with information on how to best take care of your memories.


Here you have in point form instructions on how to preserve your book in the best way, preferably in a case.


Let the card to remain in the book, as a reminder to be careful with it.


Today maybe it's your book you "read" tomorrow maybe it's your child who looks in your book and wants their own.

Then I’ll have a real princess wedding!
With all friends and relatives but most importantly, I will have a book with all my friends and the great memories afterwards.

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