Canvas on the wall

Canvas on the wall

Images printed on canvas that has been pretty rough texture and become Poppular recent years.
The canvas we deliver are treated with a wax.
The image is then clamped onto a frame to hang on the wall.
The frame rail is 40mm or 20mm.

Mounted & ready when the canvas comes need only one wall and a nail.

UV protection, our canvas is treated with a wax, your canvas will be waterproof,
fade-resistant and protected against fungus and UV light.

Handmade canvas, the image is printed on canvas and mounted on special wooden frames.
with a hook for hanging.


We also deliver images to your photographer.
It is essentially a matte laminate on the image and it is mounted on a hard disk so it's easy to put in a frame.
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An MDF plate with white or black powder coated edge, which gives a very high finich, with really nice corners. You can get them with white or black edges.
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Picture on tempered glass

The image is mounted on the back of the glass disc. you just need to hang the divice on the back
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The image is made of metallic paper and is mounted between two plexiglass discs. The rear disc may be Black, White, Transparent, or let the image go all the way to the edge.
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