Cases in artificial leather or linen

Cases of artificial leather or linen

In our standard offer we have single slipin pocket and boxes
elegantly made of artificial leather photo, or linen
To store their memories trygt and safe is a good investment.

Each photo albums should be stored at normal room temperature and humidity.
Do you have photo books in a place with a high moisture content of 70%,
If temperatures are high or low, it can cause temporary bending of the book's pages.
When placed in room temperature with normal humidity returns album pages to its original appearance.
The best storage for a photo book is between 40 and 60% humidity.

We also recommend that photo books stored flat in a box, or standing together
with other books in a bookcase, not standing diagonally, or partially open.
Images and materials can withstand light, but during prolonged exposure can still cause fading, just like all other materials around us. We always recommend that books be kept dark, for example in a case.

The durable and rugged construction makes it possible to open the photo books completely flat
with the proviso that the angle is not more than 180 *,
with a larger opening of the photo book, you can damage the photo book back.
Therefore, we recommend that photo books are shown on a flat surface.
(Story books will not open completely flat when it has a different binding) .

Cases of artificial leather or linen

In our standard offer we have simple slipin pocket and boxes elegantly made in artificial leather photo or linen Keeping your memories safe and secure is a good investment. Read about

Attache case

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