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26 April, 2021
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26 April, 2021
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After your visit to the photographer.

Maybe you want more pictures on paper, your photographer can then offer a case with pictures for a package price.
There are different case / picturebox models - with or without space for USB.
If you have also bought files, this will be a good storage.
The pictures in the case can be mounted in mats, on a cardboard box, or just the photo paper.

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A case for your photo book.

Having a case for your photo book is a wise investment.
A photo book is a unique and personal product, which must not be damaged when you look at it or store it.
Here is some good advice.

Each photo albums should be stored at normal room temperature and humidity.
Do you have photo books in a place with a high moisture content of 70%,
If temperatures are high or low, it can cause temporary bending of the book's pages.
When placed in room temperature with normal humidity returns album pages to its original appearance.
The best storage for a photo book is between 40 and 60% humidity.

We also recommend that photo books stored flat in a box, or standing together
with other books in a bookcase, not standing diagonally, or partially open.
Images and materials can withstand light, but during prolonged exposure can still cause fading,
just like all other materials around us. We always recommend that books be kept dark, for example in a case.


How to find and contact a photographer near you.

Do you know a photographer who is not on the page? Tell them about our website Photoeve.se
If you are a photographer and want to share your nice photos / film, contact us / Magnus

Photo books are best stored in a dark and protected case.
But you can also have pictures in cases or picturebox as they say.

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