Christmas is approaching and for you who want fantastic photos, book 1 photographer

A "mini page" to help your photographer 1
A “mini page” to help your photographer
13 July, 2021
2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix 2
2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix
28 October, 2021
A "mini page" to help your photographer 4
A “mini page” to help your photographer
13 July, 2021
2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix 5
2022 will be a magical year for StudioMix
28 October, 2021

Christmas approaches!

It's mid - October and high time to book a photographer
If you want photo products as Christmas presents.

Taking pictures doesn't take that long, right?
Just a tap on the camera.

However, it can take time to find and decide to go to the photographer.
But we have helped you with that!

Here is your photographer!

After the photo shoot, the photographer then has some work to fix the pictures
and show you and you have to make several decisions.
Which pictures and which products do you want it to be?
Color and size are also choices but lungs you can do it with the help of a professional your photographer.
but it is a crime for November 18, the photographer must have ordered for you to come and pick up before Christmas Eve.
If the photographer closed the last week before Christmas, you must of course have decided even earlier.

Contact Us
Ask the photographer to give us pictures, texts, book design, links, logo, advertising material etc.,
it is the photographer who sets the limit for what we can achieve!

Below you see what we offer photographers and we do it for your pleasure.

Photographer in your region

We place photographers on the page.
In their region, with text and links.


We create a "mini website"
for photographers. Like this "Look

On our map

We dot photographers
on our map.
With images from Google


We create e-books
You can link it to your friends.

We help your photographer!
Let’s work together for more memories taken by photographers.

If you know a photographer who is not on the page, tell us about us we help in many ways!
We offer a lot and we do it with joy!
A website, place on our page in the photographer’s county, E-books, place on our Google map and free advertising on this page.

You may be wondering why we do all this, and how it can happen.
The answer lies in our history, and on this page.

Our story began in 1994 when Fotografen was founded in Bengtsfors Sweden, we worked a lot and invested everything.
Finally, we had a nice Kodak express store with developing machines that cost a million, and the latest Hasselblad equipment.

We know what it’s like to be a photographer and all that that means – that’s why Magnus wants to help photographers because that’s what he did then  and that’s what he loves to do, but now in a different way and he wants to help all photographers from north to south, and also from other countries so spread this and let us help, Magnus helps as soon as he can and with joy.

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