Safe pictures in these times 1
Safe pictures in these times
5 May, 2020
On the wall - our loved ones 2
On the wall – our loved ones
28 May, 2020

There is a lot going on in a grandchild's life,
and we who are grandparents may not be able to join as we are at risk due to covid-19.
But of course there are different opportunities to be part of what happens.
One way is pictures from a mobile it may be the granddaughter's father who has one in his pocket,
yes it is a good option at the moment but do you want a nice image to have on the bedside table or desk?
Then we recommend a photographer, you will find them here on the site!

extrema 17 harmonica
This is an accordion with pictures on the front and back a cheap alternative that is nice to place somewhere or browse.
extrema 18 harmonica
The accordion is available in several sizes and for various many pictures. the outside can be done in your own way.

Being a grandfather or grandmother is fantastic even in these times!
Our grandson we always carry with us in the form of pictures.

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