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11 May, 2020
Tempered glass for picture 2
Tempered glass for picture
30 July, 2020

At home we have a lot of pictures on the walls, what does it look like for you?
Our pictures at home on the walls are of the ones that are most important to us in our lives.
These are pictures from our wedding, our children, and grandchildren.
We also have an accommodation PhotoeverHome there we also have a lot of pictures which
we get praise from our guests it creates a lovely atmosphere and everyone feels at home.
  We have written about Pictures and what to do with them when you have been with the photographer to look here.

pa vaggen
This is a wall in our accommodation PhotoeverHome on the far left hangs two wallart, the big picture with the boy is a canvas and the pictures next to it are laminated pictures in frames.
This is wallart, it can have white or black border. The picture is laminated and mounted on a "chipboard" on the back there are "key holes" for hanging.
Canvas, can be mounted on a 2 or 4 cm clamping frame. The image is treated with a wax that protects against UV radiation. If desired, canvas with 2cm frame can also be mounted in some "regular" frames.
Plexi is an image mounted between two plexiglass boards. Here is a black plexi behind, but you can have white, transparent or let the image go all the way out at the edges.

When you have been with the photographer, do not just bring digital files. Also order pictures to have on the wall, our grandchild loves to see that he is on our wall!
He feels important and he knows he is loved!
He even sees his mom and dad on our wall so he knows, here is a lot of love for the whole family and everyone is important.
Yes we think it is important with good pictures on the walls, and extra important with the family because it also says that we care.
The digital file it can send to Father and mother parents to delight them with a picture on their mobile.
View the image online but don't forget to tag the photographer so the photographer sees that you support and encourage!

Want to read more about pictures on the wall and what to do. look here

At home we have a lot of pictures on the walls.
It is pictures of them that are most important to us in our lives.
The ones we love!

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