Our walk. 1
Our walk.
6 April, 2021
The bride and groom contacted us 2
The bride and groom contacted us
22 April, 2021
Our walk. 4
Our walk.
6 April, 2021
The bride and groom contacted us 5
The bride and groom contacted us
22 April, 2021

Yesterday we created another book for our library.

Take the opportunity to borrow, you do not need a library card.
And when you have finished reading, you can click the share button and show a friend or more.
Jenny Drakenlind is a good photographer who photographs everything and every one.
It can be anything from bridal couple, family, children, couples, pregnant, newborn, small family, large family, cousins, golden weddings to birthdays.
Yes on Jenny's website and Instagram there is amazing variety of motifs.
Jenny is one of many photographers who loves to create photo books, but it does not have to be a wedding,
but can be a bit of any example of photographers' books you will find in our bookshelf and you borrow without a library card!
So what do you want to have photographed? If you do not live in Stockholm, you will probably find a photographer where you live.



Here we now have a wedding book that Jenny ordered for the bookshelf.
(A free service from us at Photoever)
This book has a laminated image on the front, on the left edge and around the back to the back an artificial leather where we have written with a special technique Jenny's logo in color. The book is a standard book, and has a completely flat layout.



A small taste of the 50 page thick wedding book ..... Imagine such wonderful memories to preserve.



We constantly fill up with books in our library, click on a book and browse, it's so much fun.
Do you want a book on the shelf?  YES what a fun look here, we hope to hear from you soon!

How to find and contact a photographer near you.
Do you know a photographer who does not exist help us to tell that we exist.

If you are a photographer and want to share your nice photos / film, contact us / Magnus

You do not need a library card to borrow in our library!
Look in a book the books are photographed by really good photographers and contain lots of “cards”.

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