The bride and groom contacted us

Without a library card 2
Without a library card
14 April, 2021
Up to the top! 3
Up to the top!
26 April, 2021

We were contacted by a bridal couple because they wanted some help.

The bride and groom had been given the opportunity to change the design. Since we in that particular program provide some support, we helped the couple with what they wanted to achieve.
We asked if they wanted the book completely free in our bookshelf and be able to share it online with friends etc.

The bride and groom contacted the photographer and we were allowed to make this book as an ebook.
It only took a little while and over 95 people had looked at the book for five quarters, we think a good result.
This means that each reader has looked at Anna Johnsson's pictures for about one minutes per person.



En ebok från Kerrou Photography

En ebok av Jenny Drakenlind

Now the book about Sonia & Oscar's wedding is on the shelf in our library.
(A free service from us at Photoever)
This book has hard covers and a light gray linen cover their name has been burned in with laser.

The book is a standard book, and has a completely flat layout.
And the most common book model purchased, the book has 42 pages.

Would you also like to have a book on the shelf? - Read more about how here!



Här är några fina uppslag från boken med tjocka härliga blad från  bröllopsboken.....   Tänk så underbara minnen att dela och bevara.



Vi fyller hela tiden på med böcker i vårt bibliotek klicka på en bok och bläddra, det är så roligt.
Vill du ha en bok i hyllan? JA vad roligt titta här, så hoppas vi snart höra från dig!

How to find and contact a photographer near you.

Do you know a photographer who is not on the page? Tell them about our website
If you are a photographer and want to share your nice photos / film, contact us / Magnus

We helped a groom get the design in his wedding book the way he wanted!
The bride and groom then chose that I created a flip book / ebook so now just over 20 people have looked in it.

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