Books with passepartoute

Books with passepartoute

Photo books like old times.
Surely you've browsed in an album from the past perhaps it was in the loft,
but it is after all these years still remaining.
Our albums are also made to last for generations!
Your photographer designs with special templates from us, with pictures from when the photographer photographed you.
The mounts are available in white or black and are about 0.5 mm deep.
Photo books are made with care and all the covers by hand.
You can get them in two different sizes 30x30 and 25x35 cm.

Outside with linen, leather, foil or laminated picture.
The albums can be matched with cases of the same material.
A wonderful way to save the photos from the shoot for generations.
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Standard books

A high quality photo book.
Many choices, many possibilities.
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Fine art books

A high quality photo book.
The pages can be compared to watercolor paper. Read about

Books with passepartouter

Photo books like the old days.
Surely you've browsed in an album from the past
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Story books

These books are not flat,
but can tell your whole story.
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Eco books

A photo book focusing on the environment.
Ecobooks are an environmentally friendly alternative.
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Book info

A beloved child has many names
Lay Flat books - Wedding books - Photo album - Coffee table book
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