We landing at a wedding. 1
We landing at a wedding.
13 October, 2020
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Valentine’s Day 2021
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We landing at a wedding.
13 October, 2020
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Valentine’s Day 2021
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What should the contract contain and for whose sake should you sign one!

The following agreement has been made between the Purchaser and the Photographer in Bengtsfors for ordering
of private portrait photography at weddings and use of images.
This is how the text of the agreement can begin.
The information that the photographer needs is of course your name and contact information.
Then comes the time and place for the wedding and where the party should be if the photographer should also be there.

Then comes the scope of the mission.
Here, many photographers have ready-made packages with what is included in terms of time and products,
Another option is for the photographer to charge by the hour and then the bride and groom buy products they want.
One thing that is also clear from the contract we are looking at is image style, it is important that you hire a photographer who takes
pictures the way you want them to look. you check this, for example, on the photographers' websites and Instagram.
To hire a photographer is to hire an artist everyone sees with their eyes and no one can paint two paintings exactly alike,
so be sure to look at photos your photographer has taken.

Force Majeur - What is this?
It is a point in the agreement to say that you can not be held responsible for unforeseen events.
For example, if you have hired a videographer, you can not act without cooperation with the photographer so they
do not end up in the viewfinder for each other.
It can be weather conditions, traffic problems, and today no one can be really sure about the number of guests
who may come to the wedding due to current rules about covid.
If you have to change your day for various reasons, talk to your photographer,
but remember you have signed a contract that is valid for a certain day.

The payment for the photographer: Expect that you will have to pay up to 50% of the total amount in advance.
The agreement is usually not binding until you have paid, so do not wait with the booking fee,
and you should also usually pay the final amount before the wedding day.
Also check whether the photographer should have compensation for transport and any accommodation.
It is important to keep the photographer alert and alert, so make sure he gets some food during the day if it is many hours.

Cancellation / Rebooking:The agreement should also include rules on repayment.
In short, you can probably say that the later the cancellation, the less money is paid back,
as the photographer will not be able to book a new wedding at short notice.
If you need to rebook, it also entails rescheduling etc. and is it so that the wedding postpones until next year
prices may have gone up and you may have to add to the price increase.

Two other things are the GDPR and the Right of Use: GDPR are rules about your personal information.
The right of use is rules about what you may do and what you allow the photographer to use the images for.

Complaints are the penultimate thing:

You can complain about the quality of delivered goods and damage,
but not the artistic freedom you have controlled and looked at pictures taken by the photographer and her imagery.

Last thing: Approval of agreement do not hesitate to sign!

A photographer who has a serious and concrete agreement is a photographer you can trust,
So when contacting a photographer ask for an agreement that addresses the above.

We wish you and your partner good luck we hope to be your supplier through the photographer you hire.

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We have been able to take part in a photographer’s contract for wedding photography. Writing a contract is an important thing in planning for your wedding.

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