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Dragspel och etui.

There is a slightly "simpler product for pictures.
We call these accordions. The accordion is available in several sizes.
And are two-sided CEO Izabela Norberg :

A standing 15*10

The accordion is available for 10 or 6 images in the format
15x10,18x13, 21x15, 10x15, 10x10, 13x13, 15x15 cm.
You can get the accordion in several different materials on the binders, but the inside is always the same smooth two-sided fine paper.

10, 13, 15* thank you card or gift

As a luxury thank you card?
Sure, why not! Surprise your friends with
a 13x13 with six pictures in which reflects your wedding day!

Or a present on the wedding day, to him with boudoir pictures.
We know that many happy grooms get a small album
which then contains more pictures and is much more luxurious.

Hi Grandpa I can ride a bike!

Have your photographer photograph your child so you can give your parents
an amazing accordion
You can choose from many different colors on the covers your photographer can show.
And you can have text on the front "Hello grandfather I can ride a bicycle".
Your child's name and maybe date.
Let your imagination flow and spread joy with unforgettable images.

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