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A product of the 2000s.
The picture is made on metallic paper and mounted between two Plexiglas disks.
The rear disc can be Black, White, Transparent, or let the picture go all the way out to the edge.

Plexin then mounted easily using the supplied spacers to the wall.

Opportunities with Plexi / Acrylic glass.
We assemble the picture, the picture is as big as Plexin / acrylic glass picture lies between two clear glass sheets that are 5 mm each.
As a passepartout picture is between two plexi / acrylic glass that is 5 mm each, the front is crystal clear,
image is less 5 cm around, the rear glass can be clear, white or black.
With spacers to the wall, screws are 2 cm and has pre-drilled holes 4 cm from the edges.